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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The birth of Ninefoot's signature quote "Be like a palm tree"

Ninefoot's favorite Quote "Be like a palm tree"
We only want our "signature quote" to make you smile, to make you happy. To give you that special “island” feeling.


Palm trees hold powerful symbolism in many cultures around the world and especially for these cultures where this tree grows.

The palm tree is often used as a symbol for religion. We see palm trees mentioned many times in both, the Bible and the Quran. But we see the tree also as a symbol for peace, fertility, good luck, luxury and as the tree of life.

The palms continue to majestically grow along the coastal regions and continue to have important meanings and powerful symbolism for many people. Maybe it means something to you too. If not, simply have a look at your beliefs could a palm tree feature anywhere near you beliefs. Do these palm trees remind you of anything? Whatever they remind you, that there is your belief.

Palm Trees remind me of vacation, white beaches and deep blue seas.

For me the palm tree symbolizes our ability to rise above conflict and spread our light brilliantly – letting it shine over the din of petty concerns. They are known to withstand severe storms. After a thorough bashing, you could still see palm trees standing, often times bent, but still in the race with a shot. Palm Trees don’t give up, they simply adapt to their circumstances, maybe beaten sore but still around. And so our signature quote “Be like a palm tree” was born.

Now we like you to make the words your own and to throw your coconuts on any beach you want.


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