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When it comes to holidays in the Caribbean, the common perception is that it’s all about beaches. But while it is true that the USP of many islands is palm-shaded sands lapped by a gin-clear bath-warm sea, the region offers so much more.

So come in, take a look at our selection and feel free to add your own suggestion.

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Ti Kaye, St Lucia

Secluded, adults-only Ti Kaye ticks all the boxes for a romantic Caribbean getaway. Accommodation comes in the form of simply-furnished but quaint gingerbread cottages with open-air showers and to-die-for sea views from private terraces with hammocks, rocking chairs and in some cases plunge pools.

Sea-U Guest House, Barbados

You don’t need to spend a lot on a lovely hideaway in the Caribbean. Sea-U Guest House stands just back from the sea on Barbados’ palm-coated, unspoiled and little visited east coast, where Atlantic waves batter wild beaches


1. Palau, Micronesia

Palau is a tiny area of land in the Pacific, but it’s packed with impressive nature. It’s an archipelago of volcanic and limestone islands that are covered in forest and surrounded by turquoise waters. Diving is the main reason people visit here, and the top attractions are Blue Corner, the Badrulchau Stone Monoliths, the Ngardmau Waterfall, Jellyfish Lake.

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2. Tahiti

Surfers flock to Tahiti year after year for the amazing wave and weather conditions here. One of the best places for surfers to hang out is the village of Teahupoo, and the Billabong Pro Surf Competition takes place here too. The best months for surfing here are May, June, July, and August. Tahiti is also an incredibly popular wedding and honeymoon destination.

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3. Tanna, Vanuatu

Tanna is an amazing place in the Pacific that is known for having the world’s most accessible active volcano. Mt. Yasur, the volcano, is the top attraction in Tanna, but there are also other mountains, hot springs, rainforests, and coffee plantations worth visiting too. The beaches are secluded, and the village life is authentic.

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