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Why Trupond Oils?

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time shopping for CBD hemp oil for sale or trying to order hemp oil online, it becomes immediately clear that your list of options is, to put it mildly, overwhelming. There are countless numbers of brands who seemingly all offer the same CBD products, so the question always comes down to: “What makes Trupond cannabis oil for sale any different from the others?” Well, we can start by listing some of the things that give our products unrivaled quality and purity: -We source our raw hemp from Pilot Research Farms in Kentucky. -We use only the highest grade CO2 equipment to extract the active CBD from the plant material. -We test a sample from every one of our batches at one of the best analytical laboratories in the U.S. (ProVerde Labs). -We are 100% organic and GMO, pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer, and chemical free. -We offer CBD isolate products that have 0% THC in them.
In an industry where “pure cannabis oil” for sale can (and is) marketed by virtually anyone under the sun, one of the only real ways to separate the quality stuff from the subpar stuff is to listen to reliable, reputable outlets that you know you can trust.

Is all CBD Oil the same?

Like we said, when you’re looking to buy hemp oil online, it can be incredibly tough trying to distinguish one brand or company from the next. If you know your stuff you’ll know that the best brands source their raw material from legal industrial hemp, extract the active CBD with low-temperature CO2 equipment, offer third-party laboratory testing, and produce organic, solvent-free oils, capsules, and tinctures. But guess what? Do a little online searching and you’ll see that there are countless numbers of products that can check off every single item on this list. So how do you tell one from the next? Well, at some point you’ve really just got to rely on word of mouth from folks who have bought hemp oil online from multiple different brands, and can accurately compare one against the other. As you’ll see, Trupond is just one of a small handful that consistently pops up on unbiased, third-party websites as being one of the most potent, pure, and effect CBD oils on the market. When you’re looking for only the finest quality legal cannabidiol, buy Trupond — it’s really as simple as that.

Can you use CBD Oil for pain relief?

Trupond supplements are not made to treat, diagnose, or cure any ailment or condition. Many of our customers use our daily supplements to promote, support, and help maintain day-to-day health and well-being, as well as recovery from physical exercise and activity-induced inflammation.

Can CBD Oil be used to for anxiety?

Trupond CBD supplements can be used to help promote a sense of calm, as well as support focus and the management of normal day-to-day stresses. They are not designed to treat, cure, or diagnose any form of medical ailment.

Can you use CBD oils for seizures?

Trupond CBD oils can be used to help with mental clarity and whole body wellness, and many of our customers have had success with the supplements in terms of promoting focus, healthy sleep cycles, and the management of natural everyday stresses. Trupond CBD supplements are not designed to treat, cure, or diagnose any form of medical ailment.

Why is the CBD Tincture better than other CBD oils?

Many CBD sellers offer cannabidiol extract by itself in isolate form. While CBD alone may help you achieve some of your goals, CBD oil is believed to work better in conjunction with other natural plant-based compounds - including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. PureKana’s products are full-spectrum, which means they include all of the above and may help encourage a phenomenon known as the Entourage Effect.

How do I use a CBD Tincture?

Our CBD tincture range is designed to be used sublingually. This method enables the CBD to be absorbed via blood vessels under the tongue. It also means that the cannabinoids will bypass the digestive system, and that more of them may make it into the bloodstream. We recommend placing your preferred serving size beneath your tongue, holding it there for 60-90 seconds before swallowing.





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