J. P. Elderman named his ship after his good friend, the Cuban, Manolo Carribe. Elderman met Manolo in the Hurricane Harbour Lounge on Key Biscane, Florida, in 1960. Manolo was in many ways the Cuban equivalent of Elderman; crazy about the ocean and adventure, and passionate about sharing the good things in life with his friends.

Manolo died tragically in a diving accident off the coast of Cud Joe Key in 1962. The devastated Elderman decided to re-name his ship after his Caribbean soulmate and the big seas that they both adored.

The Carribean Waves was born

In 1963, Elderman and his crew left Key West aboard their ship, heading south with the intention of proving that the mammoth originated in South America and not, as was then believed, in Africa. It was a voyage from which they would never return.

It is assumed that the ship was lost with all her crew somewhere off the coast of Nicaragua and that the explorers lie, together with the secret of the mammoth, at rest below the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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