From ancient times people use flags to give signals or information such as who they are. Next to this, flags could also include symbols that are used to show ideas which would otherwise take many words. Well, we believe that we have something to say and that we have a story to tell. And though our story is also one of many words we like to narrow it down to one simple sentence, "Live life to the fullest"

So we decided to create our own flag which should be the symbol of that sentence and the bearer of all the things we love most. Of course it must also symbolise the life of J.P. Elderman, his adventurous life on sea and last but not least, Ninefoot®.

The link to the nautical world was easy and as an abbreviation from Ninefoot we used 9FT, which in fact is the average height of a mammoth. We combined the nautical signs for 9, F and T together and the flag was a fact.

A flag which is not only the symbol of our credo but also stands for the adventurous journey Elderman made and is known as the elderman trail.

So from now on, whenever you see our flag, 9FT or the mammoth, you will see our message,
Live Life to the Fullest!

Polo-Shirt The Dutchman Trail 1947
T-Shirt Follow the Trail
Polo-Shirt Follow the Trail