Paddeling in the Bayous of Tarpon!

What does a Dutch clothing brand do in a Florida Bayou?

Its no wonder Ninefoot island casuals is so excited about Key West's Annual Paddle Classic. The relaxed atmosphere of this island and its people make sure that it is a pleasure to be a part of this event. That the Paddle Classic would be copied elsewhere was just a matter of time. Tarpon Springs, a small town in Florida is for a number of years now organizing its own Paddle competitions, The Tarpon Springs Paddle Cup.

And of course a brand like Ninefoot island casuals has to be a part of it. Located on the Florida coast with several bayous that end up in the Gulf of Mexico, Tarpon Springs makes a perfect location for various water sports such as paddling. The beautiful weather, the beaches and a kitchen with Greek, Spanish and French influences complement the philosophy behind the Ninefoot brand that has been processed in the Ninefoot way of living.

It is no wonder that you will find many participants here in a Ninefoot Polo or T-Shirt. Just like more and more men in the Netherlands, the Paddlers of America are getting more and more fond about Ninefoot and its philosophy.

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