Paddeling for eternal glory!

Sport with a Caribbean Flavour…

Each year, Ninefoot island casuals arrives at the most prestigious water games of the Florida Keys . The Key West Paddleboard Classic. Completely in the style of its island way of living, this event is one of the many great things this island has to offer.

The Key West Paddleboard Classic is more than just a sporting race of fanatic paddle boarders who measure their strengths in Key West. Because it’s not only about the 300 participants, it’s all about families and friends who come together to the island to enjoy the sun, sea, food and drinks. Ninefoot island casuals feels like home on this beautiful island!

Also this year, the annual 12 mile race will be full of excitement and fun, and again Paddle Boarders, Kayakers and Canoes will fight for that coveted cup and the eternal glory!

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