Dutch clothing brand on cover Esquire

The Power of a Good Logo...

A modest Dutch clothing brand, Ninefoot island casuals, suddenly appeared on the cover of the renowned American magazine Esquire. In an interesting article the magazine shows that, in most cases, clothing brands with an animal as a logo are significantly more recognizable and often more successful than other brands. To substantiate the article, some examples of successful clothing brands like Lacoste, Aebercrombie, Hollister, and upcoming brands like Vineyard Vines and yes, Ninefoot island casuals are given.

Reason enough to ask some questions to its founder, Johan Oudeman. In a comment, he said he was pleasantly surprised by the article but most of all about the fact that the Ninefoot Logo, a mammoth, was also placed on the cover of the magazine. In the article readers were asked to place the name of the brand with the corresponding logo. With a smile on his face, Ninefoot's founder tells that 99% of the predominantly American readers did not know what Ninefoot island casuals is all about. Let alone that they cannot make the connection between a Mammoth and such an exotic name.

So, still much work is needed to spread the intriguing story of Ninefoot, the mammoth logo and philosophy .

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