The Dutchman Trail tells the story of the Dutchman J. P. Elderman and his journey starting at the port of Rotterdam to Palembang Indonesia. As the young adventurer he was, he signed up to join the crew of the "Willem Ruys" sailing to the East Indies in 1947. Eleven days later they arrived at Port Said where Elderman met the Indonesian refugee and journalist, Abdul Muis.

It was Abdul who told him about the beauty of Indonesia and the many undiscovered islands with hidden secrets and treasures. Intrigued by the stories of Abdul, Elderman left Port Said and sailed via the Suez Canal, the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. Arriving on March the 18th 1947 in the harbor of Palembang. That is where his adventures in the Indonesian archipelago started. Adventures which would influence the life of the 21 -year old Dutchman so drasticly that he would never return to the Netherlands.

Based on his adventures, which we named the Trails, we decided to expirience again his journey and visualize it via a line of shirts, jumpers, sweats and jackets. With this first collection we focussed of course on the Dutch roots of J.P. Elderman.

We use a lot of red, white and blue with a touch of orange and not only in the clothing itself but also in the different applications, badges and embroideries which we have used to enrich the collection.

Now we would like you to step on board and join us on our journey. We promise it will be a great adventure and a lot of fun!


Polo-Shirt Follow the Trail
T-Shirt The Dutchman Trail 1947
Sweatjack The Dutchman Trail 1947